Save your Energy

Save your Money

Ndoto is a simple energy monitoring cloud platform that helps you to visualize your energy consumption in realtime from anywhere


Powerful Smart Energy Meter

Our smart meter, comes equipped with a robust 3G/GPRS chip that enables wireless communication with our cloud platform through the local GSM network. Our energy sensors provides accurate reading of any energy monitoring indexes.

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Our Cloud platform will enable and simplify the monitoring of energy consumption. This will be done remotely while providing the ability to turn meters on and off remotely.

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Electricity users will be able to recharge their account from anywhere via any mobile payment solution such as MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money, Visa, or Mastercard. They will be able to receive SMS notifications of the status of the consumption.

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Smart meter

Our Smart meter comes equipped with a GPRS or 3G modem which can be configured for prepaid or postpaid mode remotely. It also includes a robust battery and GPS chip for geolocation.

Smart Prepaid and Postpaid Electricity

Our Smart Prepaid and Postpaid Electricity System provides a simple way for electricity consumers to recharge and monitor their energy consumption from anywhere. Our system is designed to enable any recharge simply via a phone or at any mobile money (MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money) touchpoint.


Automated statistical analysis with Essential Features

Our platform will provide easy to use statistical analysis tools to understand electricity usage in real time on the grid. Those statistics will include average energy usage per day, peak consumption, energy cost per time of the day and fraud detection.


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